Q:Does that machine adapt  the other pets? 
A:yes it can using for many pets
Q:IS the stable product, or easy to lay down?
A:The outlook  is the best design for stability.we also add the extra steel bar for stability .
Q:IS it easy to clear ?
A:We can take off the food bucket to wash ,and reinstall. We do the closed design for other parts. Only need to rub by cloth.
Q:How do we get product‘s news?
A:Mention the official website ,weichat,ordering number and sina weibo. we will public the new infomation on time. Let you know the newest information.
Q:Do you have water supply ?
A: We dont have it right now ,sorry 
Q:How do we order?
A:You can order from official website ,taobao ,weichat.
Q:Do we need to pay extra money except first payment?
A:The other service are all free.
Q:When disconnect the power how do we do ?
A:We have emergency power supply , automatic feeding plan . Dont worry power off .
Q:What kind of plastic you use ?
A:The body use the FDA plastic. No hazardous substance.
Q:If it has no enough pets food ,how do we do ?
A:We have automatic weight sensor,it has alarm when the food is not enough .
Q:We have to connect the power at home for long time ,what’s the consumption ?
A:It is only 5 watt ,save your power .
Q:How about the frequency and video effect? any delay or distortion?
A:We use P2P video trans technology,the all display will be clear and real.
Q:Can it save pets food ?
A:The products is design for feeding , suggest dont be machine to save food .
Q:Can it make any noise ?
A:No any noise . 
Q:Do we have any problem about shell case?
A:We have pefact food system,don‘t worry about that .
Q:how about the material’s hardness?easy to break? Is the tray easy to be broken by big dog?
A:Dont worry the pet‘s colliding and treading.
Q:Is the food tray easy to be pulled out by pets?
A:We have locked design.
Q:Do you have warning for low battery ?
A:We dont have right now . It will be added soon .
Q:How to use it ?
A:We have user manual , you may download on website.
Q:How many account can method it at same time?
A :No limited.
Q:May it use more data when we are using the products?
A: It cant when you use it except watching video .  the video will use 40K/s .
Q:Do you have disconnect problem? do we restar the device?
A:We have auto connect system. If you need restar ,just restar the power .

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